Mommy and Me

For me and mom after  our birthing journey together.  We might still be in shock and exhaustion, after a long or induced labour. Or I may have come out too quick so that my nervous system is still in survival mode and this may have caused mom some painful  vaginal tearing. She might  be  tired too and so our bonding may be strained. This is the best time for a cranial session for us both as I know that these early weeks and months are crucial to create a safe and nurturing bond between us. This nurturing space helps my nervous system settle and allows  my brain grow new neural pathways so that it becomes big and strong.

Just me

For when I am colicky, restless, or if I am finding it difficult to feed.      I am doing my best, but sometimes due to birthing strains, it can be difficult for me to latch, or I may be suckling too hard and hurting mom.   Sometimes I have reflux too because of this.   My shoulders may have been stuck on the journey and I may not be able to turn my head on one side.       And though I know I need lots of sleep (and mom does too)  I find it hard to settle.     I know this means my nervous system is in shock but my little body doesn’t know yet how to calm down.     I might cry a lot too as I try to release this shock and may need a little bit of extra therapeutic help in resolving strains and compressions that I picked up on my journey here.

About Us

DeirdreO Connor, Yoga Dip, CST-T, CST Paeds, DTR Dip and  Dr Barbara Weissenmayer , Phd, BCST, IET,  have collectively over 40 years of studying and training in the therapeutic world.   They now offer a professional  yet nurturing space for mothers and babies to resolve any relational bonding issues  or health concerns that may have developed as a result of the birthing process  and the process since birth.