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Level One – Melt


For the seeker of flexibility, relaxation and quiet times

When you’re looking for flexibility and a sense of relaxation, my weekly Yoga classes offer both in equal measures. Level one provides a little time-out space for yourself, to help you unwind and find your quieter inner space; I think of these classes as a kind of maintenance time, necessary for rest and repair on a regular basis.


Level Two – Soak

Workshop sessions

For the seeker of energy, vitality and health through extended and more immersive quiet times

When you’re looking to immerse yourself within inner quiet and when you need time to re-charge these longer practice periods provide time to soak ourselves in the very best of Yoga and meditation practices.

My workshops are always structured around a particular theme – such as Yoga for Menopause or Deep Sleep Yoga – in which we look to the health-giving benefits of Therapeutic Yoga for solutions rather than to medications or costly procedures.


Level Three – Drink in

One-to-one sessions

For the seeker of the ultimate inner process: transform, heal, recover.

When you’re looking to transform painful and recurring emotional stress, or are seeking help with painful, physical symptoms such as an on-going health issue, then engaging with me through a one-to-one process is vital.

Level three will speed up your recovery period and help you get back on your feet in full health in a much shorter period of time. Yoga practice alone will most likely get you there but it could take decades rather than weeks or months to find your centre place of vibrant health.